Presidential Election Singapore – A view from a PR

PRs contribute to CPF but yet we cannot vote. Your decisions are therefore important to Singapore PRs too. That’s why I hope that you, Singapore citizens, can choose your upcoming president sensibly.

Here are the 2 simple questions you may need to ask yourself.

What do you want?

How do you want your Mr President to reach out to your needs?

I want to develop my career here in Singapore  and so I do not wish to see Singapore’s economy falls into a pathatic state.  To me, my main concern for Singapore in the short term ( talking about 2- 4 years from now ) is the impending financial crisis we are going to face soon. There is evidence leading towards new recessions in the US and Europe and Singapore is very  likely to be affected.  

This is also one of the main concern for PM Lee.  As he delivered in his annual speech, he warned that it was likely that the world would sink into another recession due to the debt crisis in Europe and the United States’ fiscal woes and Singapore will be vulnerable.

Given that a normal serving term for a Singapore president is 6 years , don’t you think such mentioned matter should be part of your considerations too when you are voting your Mr President ? Of course, you would want to pick a capable guy in such a situation but who are u going to vote??

Dr Tony Tan is well supported by the PM Lee and is  regarded as the “eminently qualified and a very good candidate” .With no doubt, he is able to make a contribution with his  impressive and  relevant  backgrounds in the financial markets and the global economy. His  20 years of experience is valuable but the importance of it is questionable. I was reading this article called “Tony Tan is the problem, not the solution” this morning and found out that he was actually a ” bad investor” and  eventually resulted in huge losses ( The GIC admitted in 2008 that it had lost $70 billion in investments, much of it in investments in Western banks) for Singaporeans and our CPF savings. However, we cannot simply judge his capability of presidency just based on that as I believed that there were many other corporations investments  such as GS, UBS, …etc were depreciating or even resulted in loss during the financial meltdown in 2008.

Most importantly, we have to bear in mind that we do not need a financial professional to run the country as this should leave it to the experts- there is a pool of talents whom I believe can do a better job than Dr Tony Tan. In addition, the role description of the president also suggested that we do not really need an expert  in finance and economics to run the country.

As mentioned by the PM Lee on the eve of Nomination, ( )

“The President, he said, will give his views freely but privately to the Prime Minister.

“We consider very carefully the President’s views although under the system, the final decision is made by the Cabinet,” said Mr Lee.

Mr Lee said it is important for both the government and President to have a mutual understanding and constructive relationship and this is how he hopes to work with the next President.”

My interpretation  here again is that we do not need an expert in finance field but rather we need a president who is honest, impartial, independent and compassionate. We need a person who can speak up for us and do necessary things to safeguard our reserve and CPF funds. Moreover, the President is a unifying figure and represents Singapore on the international stage. And who will that be ????????

Is Dr Tan Cheng Bock be a better candidate? I shall leave this to Singaporeans to make your judgement and I have all confidence that you will make a good judgement



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